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Youth Hunter Education Skills

Teams are organized within public, private and home-schooled students and teams representing organizations such as 4-H or FFA.  Lee County has approximatley 100 students currently enrolled in the program.



1.To promote the Hunter Education Program in the public and private schools.

2.To promote public awareness of the Hunter Education Program in North Carolina.


3.To encourage the Hunter Education graduate to go beyond the basics by developing their knowledge and skills in all areas of hunting experience, which will result ina safer and more responsible sportsman.


4.To offer the young people of our state a positive experience in all disciplines of the shooting sport.


5.To experience and learn a variety of legal hunting methods, its efficiency, operation and effectiveness. This can enable the student to evaluate the safest, most comfortable and effective equipment that can be used to hunt and/or target shoot.


6.To promote the safe sport of hunting and shooting.






Don Buie, past member of the LWCW was instrumental in implementing this program in Lee County. In memory of Don, a youth is selected from our youth each year during our Top Shot competition.  Here's a little bio on Don Buie.


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