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Mailing Address for the Club

Lee County Wildlife Club, Inc

PO Box 97

Sanford, NC 27331


Serving Lee County Since 1947

The objectives of the Lee County Wildlife Club are to restore and conserve wildlife and other natural resources, support adequate laws for the protection and restoration of these resources, collect and disseminate information pertaining to wildlife resources to school children, youth organizations, and to the members of the Club. The Club also promotes and provides fellowship and recreation for its members.


The Lee County Wildlife Club consists of over 300 members who share a common interest in our wildlife and natural resources.   While sharing an interest in hunting, fishing, and other sporting activities, members are interested in the restoration and conservation of all natural resources in order that future generations, not just hunters and anglers, but all citizens will enjoy nature.

The LCWC has a long history of providing support to the community to encourage outdoor activities in a safe, responsible way.
Community involvement has included:

  • 4-H Clubs

  • Boy and Girl Scouts of America

  • Sheriffs Department tactical training

  • Youth Hunter Safety Program (annually)

  • Training (for club members, open to others when applicable)

  • Hunter Safety Training (required to hunt in NC)

  • NRA Pistol

  • NRA Rifle

  • Concealed Carry

  • Range Safety

  • Ladies Handgun Training

  • Sheriff's Academy for Youth



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