Required Waivers at Lee County Wildlife Club

The LCWC Board had the club's waivers reviewed by the club's attorney to ensure they are consistent with current NC laws. As a result of that review, the club now has new Waivers for members, family members, guests and firearm instructors.

All club members must complete and sign a new Waiver, which will replace the one signed at joining. Completed and signed Waivers are also required for  members' spouses, dependent children  and grand children that use or visit the Lee County Wildlife Club premises.

Guests of members must sign a "Guest Release".

The new waiver is named "Member Participation Agreement".
(Note it is a 2-sided document and both pages are needed. If you have the capability, please print it out as a 2-sided document)


Here is what is needed for those who use or visit the LCWC premises:

  • Club Member - complete "Member Participation Agreement"

  • Spouse of club member - complete "Member Participation Agreement"

  • Dependent child of club member -complete "Member Participation Agreement", signed by the parent.

  • Grandchild of member - complete "Guest Release" authorization form signed by the grandchild's parent.

  • Guest of member - complete "Guest Release" authorization form

  • Member Firearm Instructors - complete "Firearm Instructor Indemnity Agreement


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Firearms Instructor Waiver

LCWC Member Waiver

Family Waiver

GUEST Release Waiver

Firearms Instructor Waiver