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Lee County Wildlife Club Facilities

To accommodate a variety of outdoor activities, Lee County Wildlife Club is fortunate to offer a variety of outdoor facilities that will appeal to a wide range of interests. A Club goal is to provide a safe place for members to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities in a friendly and family environment.



The clubhouse will accommodate 70 – 80 people, and includes a full kitchen and outdoor grill. Monthly club meetings and training classes are held there, and upon entering the clubhouse you will notice the numerous trophies that have been won by participants in the Youth Hunter Skills Program, a major, multi week program that the Club sponsors each year during which youth from the area receive training on target shooting, trap shooting, archery and compass orienteering.



The 2-acre pond is designed for fishing and wildlife use. This is an excellent place to take a kid fishing for the first time to experience the thrill of a bass or bream hitting a small lure or natural bait under a cork bobber! Remember the excitement the first time you experienced that? Kids naturally like to explore ponds and discover tadpoles and hear the occasional bullfrog.


Lower Range

This target range has covered shooting positions with target berms at 100 yards and 50 yards. This is an excellent range for sighting in your rifle and/or muzzle loader, for longer range target shooting or teaching a kid how to safely use their first BB gun.


Upper Range

The upper target range has covered shooting positions with a target berm at slightly less than 50 yards. This is an excellent range for mid-range target shooting and training, especially for .22 rifles and handguns.


Archery Range

The archery range has shooting positions for a number of archers and is an excellent place to become proficient with your favorite bow.


Shotgun Range

The shotgun range has 3 clay throwers and is oriented to the trap shooter. It is an excellent place to hone clay shooting skills or practice for hunting season.



For those who enjoy big game hunting, an outdoor cleaning station and adjoining walk in chiller is available.



Ranges are governed by Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), and club members must take a 2-1/2 hour SOP Orientation and Range Safety class before using the ranges. Currently, more than one third of club members are certified Range Safety Officers.


The LCWC offers various training classes for those interested in learning to safely handle and shoot firearms. Subject to the amount of interest, classes may be offered to both club members and the public in the following:

  • NRA Basic Pistol (This certification is also required before applying for concealed carry instructor qualification)

  • NRA Basic Rifle

  • North Carolina Hunter Safety Education (required to hunt in NC)

  • North Carolina Concealed Carry Certification Training

  • NRA Range Safety Officer Training


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