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When:  June 1st, 2024

Time:  9AM Registration / 10AM Start /

Lunch Noon'ish

Where:  LCWC, 88 Club Lane, Sanford NC

Costs:  25.00 per person (lunch included)

Members are permitted to bring a guest!



Ages 18 and up
9am registration
10am start
Noon'ish Lunch

Station 1 Pistol
9mm - .44 mag (no .22, .22lr, or .380)
No AR pistols or any other variety of nonstandard pistols
No optics
25 yrds Human Silhouette
Hit or miss scoring
10 rounds (5 shots, reload after 5 shots)
90 sec time limit

Station 2 Shotgun (skeet)
No optics
10 clays
2 from each station and a double at station 5
1 free “show pull”

Station 3 (rifle)
.223 - .45-70 Govt
No optics
100 yrd human silhouette, standing unsupported
Hit or miss scoring
10 rds (5 shot, reload, 5 shots)
90sec limit

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